Thursday, April 17, 2014

Pregnancy Notes | Weeks 23-25

So... lots of words and photos in this post. :)

One morning in Cancun Taras took some pictures of me and my 24 week belly (I'm calling these my 23 & 24 week photos since we took these on the first day of week 24 and we missed getting a picture of week 23). I've started to notice my belly getting bigger nearly every day and I knew it wouldn't be long before the adorably sized belly turned into a giant belly and I really wanted to have some photos to capture this mid-pregnancy time.

Pregnancy these days is pretty good. My appetite has been crazy in this 25th week - I can't seem to consume enough calories no matter how much I eat. It's still day by day with my stomach not feeling great, but my energy is good, my body is handling the extra weight well so far, and I'm sleeping easily... you can't have it all, right?

Something I had read about earlier during pregnancy was how a lot of pregnant women start to have body image issues. I was sure this wouldn't happen to me because I could look at the situation in a practical way - obviously my belly was going to get giant and I'd put on weight, etc. But, you know, then your belly starts getting a lot bigger and those pregnancy hormones show their face now and again. So I stand corrected: I've now had two minor moments of freaking out over my body changing. :) Mostly I'm fine and in good spirits about it, but it is a crazy thing to watch your body change nearly every day. And for as much as it's a little overwhelming, it's also very powerful and inspiring to see how my body can adapt to care for our growing baby.

I think we've settled on a name for baby boy. We had it early on, even before we knew he was a he. But then we doubted ourselves because the name came so easily to us. After a few weeks of wavering, one day Taras just started referring to the babe by the name, and that was that. We're waiting to share the name (there's got to be some surprise on delivery day!) but now we use the name so often with each other that I'm sure I'll slip up and use his name in conversation!

I've been feeling the baby move a lot more lately, which is the coolest thing ever - and Taras finally got to feel him while we were in Cancun. Now in the evenings we spend a few minutes watching my belly move - it's surreal. I'm thankful for the extra movement because it helps me feel more connected to this babe each day. Feeling a connection with him has been slow (but steady) and after reading this honest insight about feeling connected to your baby, I feel okay with the pace of how things are going.

25 weeks

The nursery is starting to take shape. I hosted the clothes swap in that room a couple weeks ago, which ended up being the perfect timing to get that spare room emptied out and ready for baby. We've since put in the dresser and I've filled it with all the clothes and blankets we've been passed down and gifted (okay, okay, and the clothes from that one Goodwill visit when I impulsively bought $40 of baby clothes). And I've gotten out some of mine and my brother's old baby stuff to add to the mix. We have a long ways to go with getting all the baby gear and getting the nursery ready, but it feels good to start getting his space set up. A few of the treasures...

 This wooden chair was mine and my brother's when we were little. Paddington Bear and other friends are enjoying their new seat. :)

Vintage storybooks from my childhood!

Yes, that is a dinosaur hat!

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  1. lady you look gorgeous! love the light in these photos!

  2. Oh, this is the best time of pregnancy, and you look great! I just had my first in November--I remember loving feeling her move, it was such an awesome feeling (though, admittedly, a little bizarre as well!) Hope the rest of your pregnancy is smooth sailing. Stopping by from Boston Bloggers.

    1. I'm definitely loving this phase of pregnancy - especially feeling him move! Thanks for stopping by!


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