Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Walk, Eat, Repeat

On Sunday evening we met up with a couple friends for dinner in Boston and decided to make a day of it and spend the afternoon in Cambridge, wandering the streets and stopping for snacks (basically, our Sunday ritual back when we lived in Cambridge).

But first, we had to stop in Union Square so I could finally try Union Square Donuts. They're worth the hype. And, yes, that's a maple bacon donut.

Then it was onward to Harvard Square. The sun hadn't quite come out yet for the day but the signs of spring were obvious: flowers were budding, we found a rabbit in the square (we even had a turkey sighting!) and everyone was dressed as if it was 75 degrees when, really, it was only 60. Give New Englanders a temperature over 50 degrees and the shorts come out!

We grazed on food for the rest of the day, sharing a shawarma (they grill theirs and it's so good!) and then some buttermilk pancakes.

Taras is always happy to let me browse the Harvard Square Anthropologie - he gets a kick out of their creative displays and patiently reads the all the books while I look for good deals in the sales room. :)

And then, we had a fun Ethiopian dinner with new friends. Nothing like eating with your fingers as you get to know someone!

It's been good to have warm weather and sunshine these past couple days. The temps are going back down for the rest of the week but it was so nice to see people out and about, to hear the birds chirping, and to see the flowers blooming. Yay for spring!

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