Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Weekend in NYC

This past weekend we went to NYC to spend some time with my brother and to enjoy a last hurrah before baby b makes his debut.

Our first meal when we get to town is always dinner at Millesime, where my brother is a sous chef. He spoils us every time.  
Black Seed Bagels and juice from The Butcher's Daughter - the perfect breakfast combo. 

We didn't do anything particularly noteworthy, as is usually the case when we visit NYC. Mostly, we walk and eat and do more of the same. Days spent walking and grazing are some of our favorite days, and it's our preferred way to explore and enjoy any city. The great thing about us visiting NY so often is that we never feel a rush to see everything or eat everywhere - we're able to skip planning out the weekend and instead just see where the days take us.

The weekend ended up being completely restorative for us - about ten times over the course of the weekend we made note to one another about just how great the weekend was. We both know how quickly the time is passing until baby b arrives, so we really savored this weekend away as just the two of us and enjoyed the chance to completely indulge in whatever we wanted.

Taras found cheese heaven at Murray's Cheese Bar 
Look at that 30-week belly! I think all the eating made the belly grow even larger while we were there! 

The weather was perfect for wandering the city streets, so on Saturday we made our way through NoLita, SoHo, the LES, and West Village. The frequent snack stops not only helped us cross off our growing list of must-try NYC eateries, but it also helped give this 30 week pregnant girl frequent rests. One thing's for sure: I can't walk a city for 8 hours straight the way I once could.

That one time we ate at Buvette but didn't dare photograph any of our food because we were sitting next to Anne Hathaway(!!!).  And she talked to me (full story here). Also, Buvette: best eggs ever.  
We usually crash with my brother, but given the state of my belly we decided to find a cheap hotel rate so I could have unlimited access to pillows. We ended up all the way downtown in the Financial District, right across from the 9/11 Memorial. It was very humbling to wake up to this view each morning. 

Eating adventures not pictured: soba noodle bowls at Cocoron; pudding and cupcakes at Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery; snacks and drinks at Vanguard Wine Bar; and ramen at Ippudo

Thanks for a lovely weekend, New York! 

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