Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day at Arnold Arboretum

On Sunday afternoon we stole both of our moms and took them into Boston to the Arnold Arboretum for Lilac Sunday. None of us could believe the beautiful weather - hot and sunny! It seemed that all of Boston was either at the Arboretum (or hanging out at the Esplanade) - the whole city was definitely out to enjoy the sunshine. I left the good camera in the car, so I bring you these iPhone photos...

Taras and I were amazed as we drove through Boston over to Jamaica Plain. Somehow, during all our time living in Boston, we never made it over there to appreciate all the green space on that side of the city - it's a runner's and biker's paradise all around Jamaica Pond and its surrounding pathways.

Back to the lilacs: there are so many varieties at the arboretum and we tried to smell all of them (or, in Taras's case, eat them). Most of them smelt beautifully fragrant, while others (surprisingly) hardly had a scent at all.

After touring through the lilacs, we walked around a portion of the rest of the grounds and found some other trees and plants that were already blooming. I can't even imagine how beautiful everything will look in a few more weeks when the whole grounds will probably be in bloom!

If you've never been to the Arboretum, I really recommend going for an afternoon (pack a picnic!). You won't be sorry!

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