Friday, May 2, 2014

Nature | Early Spring

Spring teased us early on in April, getting our hopes up with sunshine and unseasonably warm temperatures. This past week, though, the weather has set us straight and reminded us what spring is really like in these parts - rainy and chilly. Last night and today we're starting to get glimpses of sunshine, so here's hoping that April showers really do bring May flowers.

I walked around Boston on Wednesday in search of some spring blooms, with hopes of brightening up an otherwise grey and dreary week. I was somewhat successful in my endeavor, finding some signs of spring at the Boston Public Garden and on nearby Comm Ave. Those weeping willow trees get me every time.

But perhaps the most telling sign that soon the skies will be bluer and the weather will be warmer: the Public Garden's swans, Romeo and Juliet, have returned for the summer! You can see both of them in the above photo.

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