Friday, May 16, 2014

Pregnancy Notes | Weeks 26 - 29

26 weeks

It's hard to believe we're already through 29 weeks. Today marks the start of week 30, which means 10 more weeks (give or take) until we meet this little boy. Time has been flying by, for sure! These days Taras and I seem to notice strollers and pregnant women everywhere! Oh, strollers. The nursery has all the furniture in place, so now we just need to decorate - slowly but surely, it's all coming along.

27 weeks

My belly has grown quite a bit larger in these past few weeks. Like, people see me who haven't seen me in two or three weeks and they all have the same reaction: whoa! Taras loooves the belly. He thinks it's the coolest and cutest thing ever. I, on the other hand, am starting to become fearful for how big it will grow, haha! Mostly, I don't love that the weight is starting show up in my face. I'm just now starting to feel the weight of the belly, especially in the mornings when I first get out of bed. But for the most part, I'm feeling good (my regular chiropractor appointments are helping with that, no doubt).

28 weeks. This is my spring pregnancy uniform: fitted maternity shirt, maternity skinny jeans, flats, a blazer, and a scarf.

Another at 28 weeks. It's amazing how different the belly looks depending on what I'm wearing. 

Baby B is super active these days. He flips around a lot and we can see him moving when we stare at my belly - it's maybe the coolest thing ever. And he's always super active when we're at church, especially when we're singing worship songs! Every morning, though, I'm uneasy until I feel him do his morning stretch... I guess I'm worried that all my tossing and turning during the night might have done something to him. :)

29 weeks

Taras went away to Germany for a work trip and I think we were both more sensitive about the whole ordeal than we imagined we'd be. Let's just say that I did a lot of monitoring of his flight status. Of course he got there and back safely, but things just felt heavy while he was away. It's weird when such a regular life event, like traveling for work, brings up all these new emotions, just from the reality that now there's so much more at stake if something were to happen. To that end, I'll say that emotions from hormones seem to stop by every now and then - sometimes I'm extra emotional (which is wonderful considering I'm already the emotional type) and sometimes I feel like I'm in a bit of a funk. But for the most part I'd say the hormones aren't messing with me too badly. Taras might have a different opinion...

Yes, dinosaur traveled with us to DC. And he played in the mini bar. :) 

During this past week, week 29, we celebrated both Mother's Day and my birthday. Mother's Day is a little odd when you're pregnant. You're in this weird stage where you're not quite a mother but, let's face it, you're keeping that baby alive and healthy while he's getting ready to make you a real mother, so you've earned the day to some extent. But to me, my birthday was the most significant of the two events. It occurred to me that this was the last birthday I'd ever celebrate as not being a mother - as being just me. I don't have much more depth to add to that, because I can't really put it all into words. But for whatever reason, this realization that for all the rest of my birthdays I will be more than just me, I'll also be a mom is... well, significant. I guess you could say that it finally clicked how life-changing having a child will be.

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  1. You look fantastic! Love reading your journey in life and pregnancy. Cheers to you and to Taras!


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