Thursday, May 22, 2014

Wallis Sands in Early Spring

A few weekends ago, Taras ran his first half marathon! While he was running the course, I wasted away the time by walking the beach at Wallis Sands, where the race started and finished.

New England beaches during early spring are a real treat. Sure, they're cold - the breezy winds demand that you dress in many layers. But, when dressed warmly enough, there's a certain magic to hanging out at the beach on a cold, crisp morning.

The sun hits the rocks and water just right. The plants along the beach are still dead but you can tell everything will be coming to life in no time. It's peaceful, so peaceful - even on this morning when a lot of people were out to support their runners, it was still so calm and peaceful.

And while New England beaches rarely get warm enough for this Florida girl to take a swim, they make up for it with the beautiful landscapes. Florida may have long stretches of sandy beaches, but New England has the most beautiful rocky shorelines, perfect for nestling into your own private nook to watch the waves go in and out.

That guy is officially a half marathoner! So proud of him!

PS - see more of Wallis Sands here (it's where Taras proposed!). 

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