Friday, June 20, 2014

Life Lately

I disappeared there for a while, huh? It's been such a full and wonderful past few weeks... here's a look at what we've been up to!

Memorial Day weekend was super great this year because my brother was able to come up and hang out with us! It's a rare treat for him to sneak away from work, and an even more rare treat for our whole family's schedules to align for us all to spend time together. His visit to see us was just a week after we visited him in NYC, so it was nice to get in even more time with him. We hosted a BBQ at our house on Memorial Day, then later that evening we went for a walk around downtown Portsmouth to enjoy the lovely weather and the blooming trees. It's crazy looking back on these pictures - in only a few weeks' time the weather has gone from spring to seemingly full-on summer!

We celebrated Taras's birthday! Now we're both 31, which, to me, sounds so much older than 30, haha. The original plan was to have a family picnic on a little island right near downtown Portsmouth. But, you know, the weather here in May is often disappointing. When it became clear that it would be 60-something degrees and rainy, we moved the picnic to our living room floor. I think it was just as fun!

The weekend following Taras's birthday, however, showed us picture-perfect New England spring weather, with all the sunshine we could have hoped for. Our lovely friends got married at the Memorial Church in Harvard Yard, then we enjoyed a lobster-filled reception in Marblehead, MA. It was really the most perfect New England wedding and we were so happy to witness our friends getting married! And we promised to make it back to Marblehead soon - the town is so picturesque I just want to wander the streets, camera in hand.

The first weekend in June was spent in Boston, celebrating a bestie's birthday (with a successful outdoor birthday picnic!) and catching up with another bestie who was visiting from out of town. The weather was again perfect - the first real taste of summer. It was so good to catch up with friends and to spend some quality time around our old stomping grounds.

Other happenings not documented in these photos: I'm growing a baby; I started and finished the 80 hours of continuing education hours I needed to renew my CPA license (nothing like waiting until the last minute...); we started house hunting and even put in an offer on one place (it wasn't meant to be - I'm pretty sure God was looking out for us on that one, as closing day would have been right near my due date!); and I've started helping out with the accounting at our church. So things are staying active in these parts, for sure!

The next few weeks will be all about readying our home for baby and enjoying this summer weather (ice cream for everyone! that's the baby talking...). I hope everything is going great for all of you, too. xo

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