Thursday, June 19, 2014

Pregnancy Notes | Weeks 30-34

Hi there -- it's been a while! I'll be back soon with a life update, but first: a pregnancy update! Time is flying quickly these days and I'm at 34 weeks (35 weeks tomorrow!) and Taras and I can hardly believe how close we are to meeting our baby boy.

30 weeks

Baby b is moving around so much these days! It's a favorite evening activity to put our hands on my belly to feel him and to watch my stomach move around. It's so surreal that I'm growing a human. He seems to spend most of his time on the right side of my belly and his head has been down for weeks now (we're hoping it stays that way!). My favorite trick is feeling him squirm around after I chug water - it works almost every time! Which makes me wonder how much I disturb him during the day when I sneeze, cough, laugh, and talk. How weird must it feel to him?

I still haven't had any crazy cravings. Though, now that it's summer and the local ice cream stands are open, I would say I often crave ice cream. But that would probably be true even if I weren't pregnant, so I'm not really counting it! Breakfast has sort of been mine and Taras's thing throughout the pregnancy. After doctor appointments we always go to breakfast before he goes to work. And lately we've been waking up so early that Taras will spoil me with French Toast or pancakes before he leaves for work (on special days when we wake up super early, we head to a local breakfast joint and have a little breakfast date before he goes to work).

31 weeks

As I'd hoped, so far the third trimester has been the best for me. I had such a hard time well into my second trimester, with nausea and stuff, that I was sure I'd be golden by the time the third trimester rolled around. So far, my body is still handling the weight really well - not too many aches and pains (and when I do get a little sore, it doesn't last for long).

I've started to get a bit puffier and bigger, even though the scale hasn't really changed for a couple weeks now, and I'm sure that I'll only continue to puff up a bit in the coming weeks (the summer weather will surely help with that...). So far my belly button still hasn't popped out and I don't think I have any new stretch marks to show for the pregnancy. Although, I've been warned that things grow and stretch out a lot over these last few weeks. Over the past week or two it's been mentioned to me that I now look super pregnant, so it's hard to imagine how much bigger I might still get! And Taras has made it known that he will be so sad when the belly is gone - he loves watching it get bigger. As for me, I've settled into a place where I'm good with the big belly and weight gain (but I continue to be amazed at how one outfit can make me look more or less pregnant than another outfit; it's really amazing the way clothes impact body shape).

32 weeks (with some crazy wind in that left picture!)

For a couple weeks now, sleeping at night has been kind of a joke - so many pee breaks! I've started to notice some of the exhaustion that's known to come along near the end of pregnancy, so I'm taking advantage of being at home and indulging in an afternoon nap when I need it. Also, pregnancy naps are the bomb. I pass out real hard and wake up feeling like I just slept eight hours - it's crazy. And the drool is still crazy. I hope that stops. :)

My crazy pregnancy dreams are back in full force. Earlier in the pregnancy, I would just have crazy, vivid dreams about anything and everything - but never about the baby. Most of my dreams now have something to do with the delivery (though, I still haven't ever seen baby's face or body in a dream). After these dreams I always have a good laugh because every time it's as if labor is a breeze - I give one tiny push then he's here! This is especially hilarious considering we're planning for a natural birth.... so, yeah. At least it's painless in my dreams and I'll take it as a good sign that I don't seem to have any repressed anxiety about labor.

33 weeks

Speaking of labor, I'm not sure I ever publicly shared that we switched our care to a midwife, we plan to give birth at a birth center (instead of a hospital) and we've been taking Bradley birthing classes to prepare for a natural birth. All of this was a long time coming, but we didn't make the switch until 24 or so weeks along. We're both extremely happy with these choices and we've been so happy with our care and with the preparation we're getting through the Bradley classes! We initially stuck up our nose at the idea of taking classes but now that we've been doing it, I can't imagine how hard it would be to labor naturally without any preparation.

34 weeks

The nursery is back on track to getting finished. We took a little break from it because it looked like we might be moving. But since we know we're staying put for now, we ordered the last couple pieces of art and should hopefully wrap up the nursery next week! If I like how it turns out, I'll be sure to share pictures, haha.

Five weeks (give or take) to go, baby b! Here's hoping I feel good until the end!

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