Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Some Thoughts (About What's to Come)

This is (part of) my old office building. It's located right in the middle of the tourism hustle and bustle that is Faneuil Hall and the Old State House, which is cool for obvious reasons (history!) but annoying for other obvious reasons (tourists!). I love how the building is old at the bottom but is super modern through the middle and up to the top floors. I worked on the 38th floor, which was basically the coolest because I could see all of the city from up there.  :)

Last Friday I went into Boston for the day. This isn't anything unusual, as I've managed to make it into the city at least once every couple of weeks since I quit commuting in for work. But this time, my visit felt different. At some point during the bus ride to South Station I realized that, with five-ish weeks to go until baby arrives and plenty to do on the home front between now and then (and, let's face it, energy and stamina that is dwindling by the day), it might have been my last trip in until after baby b is here.

As the first city I've lived in that I ever truly loved - that really felt like me - Boston means so much to me. And it's really special to think that the next time I'm there, I may have baby b in tow. It's sort of like my worlds are colliding - our newlywed city days joining forces with our suburban parenting days and it's crazy to stop and think about it all. It's fun to consider what many of our future trips into Boston will be like: riding the swan boat, sitting on the duckling statues, running through the sprinkler parks, and navigating through kid-friendly museums. It's a much different scene than checking out the newest restaurant in town, but this new agenda sounds like just as much fun.

During my last couple visits into the city it's been progressively harder to walk all day long the way I used to - exhaustion sets in earlier and parts of my body get sore. While this is par for the course in late pregnancy, it does make me wonder how different my body and stamina would be if I still lived in the city and still spent a lot of my time on foot (or bike). Would I be tiring out by day's end? It's almost startling to think about how different my day-to-day life is now that we've moved.

I think Taras and I have both felt a loss of sorts since moving out of the city; we miss the accessibility and mobility that we had in Cambridge. We now have our minds set on buying a house that is closer to downtown Portsmouth - we're excited to get back a part of the city life that we miss so much and to start spending more of our time on foot or bike, rather than on butt and in the car.

All this to say: I'm pretty excited for what's to come - for having baby b by our sides and for taking steps to cultivate the life here in Portsmouth that's best for our family. Now, if only that perfect house would come along... :)

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