Friday, September 26, 2014

Caleb | One Month

Now that Caleb's two months old, it seems like a good time to take all his first month's notes from my iPhone and give them a permanent spot on the blog. :)

Stats: 8lbs 8oz and 21 inches tall, as of his one month well appointment on August 22nd.

Nicknames: Muffin. Clam. Lamb. Dino. Muffin is the one that has really stuck around!

Milestones: Tracks with eyes. He's so strong, holding his head reasonably steady and climbing up our shoulders with his forearms. We've gotten to see some sleep smiles (though this is probably just gas and doesn't count as a real smile). We started to hear some little coos near the end of the month.

Likes: being soothed on our shoulders (he's not much for the cradle hold!). Being swaddled (he'll almost always immediately calm down once he's swaddled). White noise (again, soothes him almost immediately every time).

Dislikes: Diaper changes, getting clothes put on, riding in the car seat, and taking a bath. We're hopeful that he'll adjust to enjoying all of these very important daily tasks. :)

Struggles: Breastfeeding. I'll probably decide to dedicate and entire post to this subject. Otherwise, not too much. He has painful gas, which causes a bit of crying. But for the most part the feedings have been the hardest for us.

Sleep: So far, so good! Overnight we're on a three hour eating schedule and he does really well with it. He goes right back to sleep after the feedings and we've had to deal with hardly any middle of the night crying. He's sleeping in a travel crib that's set up beside our bed, that way he's nearby when we check to make sure he's breathing... about 20 times a night!

Wearing: newborn-sized clothes. Such a little man. He was born 7lbs 6oz and then lost a lot of weight. We're working on getting him to chunk up!

Eating: Breast milk and formula. We've had some trouble with nursing and have had to supplement with formula. We're on a rigorous 2 hour feeding + pumping + supplementing schedule, that we stretch to three hours during the nights. We're working hard to get him all the food he needs!

Travels: He had his first visit to Maine, which is almost cheating since we live just on the other side of the border!

Our favorite products this month: the Nuna Sena travel crib. Sleep Machine (white noise) app. aden + anais swaddle blankets. Honest diapers (they make diaper changes just a little more enjoyable!). Honest nipple balm. Skip Hop Pronto changing station.

Dear Caleb,

This month you made us parents. Your dad and I spend our days staring at you, while you're awake and when you're sleeping. We stare all day, every day. We're in awe of every face, move, and sound you make. We still can't believe that we made you. You are ours and we are yours, forever.

After months of imagining what you might look like, we now study you to decide whose features you have: your momma's double chin (sorry!), your dad's Russian coat of hair, and everything else seems to change every day, so we'll see.Your dad can't believe how much you change from morning to evening while he's away at work. No matter who you take after, we think you're the most handsome baby. Your dad and I mention every day that we can't believe we made something so beautiful.

We're excited to learn more about you - to watch your personality unfold right before us. So far you seem to be a very serious baby, as if you're thoughtfully absorbing this new world around you. You make so many adorable faces. There's one particular serious face in heavy rotation, where your eyebrows furrow and your forehead crinkles. I'd love to know what you're thinking about. Sometimes your dad and I make up a dialogue to go with your faces, along the lines of, "jeez, mom, quit kissing me," said with the attitude of a teenager.

You love sleeping and being soothed on our shoulders. I indulge both of us and often let you sleep on my shoulder, where I can kiss your cheek and smell your sweet, milky breath. You're great at cuddling, and I hope that never changes. You show us brief half-smiles when you sleep, and it gets me excited for the real smiles that are still to come. Your dad often panics at nighttime, when he wakes up and is startled with the thought that you're buried in our covers. He gently pulls up the comforter and sheet, hoping you're safely in the bed, but he's mostly worried that you're suffocating down there. This happens a few times a night, and I always have to remind him that you don't sleep in bed with us. Then I have him get up to look at you in the travel crib, so he can see you safely sleeping in your own space. We always get a good laugh about this in the mornings!

It's the cutest when you're hungry and bobbing your head. When on your dad's shoulder, you bob right onto his nose and suckle it for a few seconds before we stop giggling long enough to give you the real food. When you're on my shoulder, you bob your head right onto my lips, giving me the best kisses! When you eat, you've started to hold onto one of my fingers, or place your tiny hand on my breast. It's the sweetest. It's hilarious how you close your eyes and get all hands-y when you try to eat, making it near impossible for you to latch. Nursing has been a big struggle for us, but these moments really encourage me to stick with it.

Throughout my pregnancy we prayed that you would be strong both physically and in character. While we still have to wait to learn your character, we already know that you're physically strong. During the first days in the hospital we noticed your strength. I never felt like you were a fragile newborn. When you're on our shoulders, you use your forearms to climb up even higher. You have surprisingly good control of your head for how young you are. Twice, your pediatrician even made note of your strength. I'm excited for you to keep growing and to keep getting stronger. But, of course, don't grow too fast!

When you're awake, you're very active and wiggly, kicking your legs and pumping your arms around. You like to sit in your crib and stare at your stuffed dinosaur and at a vibrant bird pillow. You zone out and stare at them for many minutes at a time. I daresay they are your favorite "toys" right now.

You are such a muffin and we love you so very much.


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