Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Caleb Meets Cambridge!

This past weekend we finally introduced Caleb to Cambridge!

We first stopped to grab roast beef and crispy onion sandwiches at Flour (where all the young professional-aged hipster chicks fawned over Caleb!). When we got out of the car on Mass Ave, I could tell right away that Caleb loved being in the city. Caleb's eyes widened at the sight of all the cars, cyclists, and pedestrians, and he seemed instantly soothed by the real-life white noise all around him.

The only other adventure on the agenda was to walk along the Charles River. I was hopeful that we'd see beautiful fall foliage along the river - just like last fall when we visited - but the season has yet to truly peak in Boston (I bet it'll look beautiful along the river during the next two weekends).

Despite the lack of colors along the walking path, the day felt perfectly like fall, with overcast skies, a few drops of rain, a temperature where we were warm with just a sweater and light coat, and a breeze that would come and go.

As soon as we laid Caleb into his stroller for the walk, he zonked out. It was both nice and disappointing to have a sleeping baby - while we could peacefully enjoy our walk, we weren't able to pick Caleb up and show him the water, boats and skyline.

The visit definitely made me excited to show Caleb Cambridge and Boston when he's a bit older and more interactive... when he'll squeal in delight at the sight of the sailboats, crew teams, and kayakers. (But make no mistake: I'm certainly not wishing for time to speed up!)

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All photos are iPhone.

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