Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Portsmouth in the Fall

Fall this year has been straight up dreamy, in my opinion. Until this week the temperatures have stayed in the 60's and 70's, with just enough rainy days to remind us how lovely the shimmering leaves look under grey skies. Oh, man, there's nothing like a warm start to fall, as far as I'm concerned. This week the weather has started to dip down to lower temperatures, but this Florida girl can more easily accept the coolness when it waits until late October to visit.

Here's a look at what fall has been like around here...

A lot of the houses in downtown get super festive when it comes to decorating for the season. I really need to join the movement of decorating our entryway. Someday. For now I'll walk around downtown with a coffee in hand and appreciate everyone else's handiwork.

The trees really show off this time of year.

And the leaves! My favorite!

That time we ran a 5K and stuffed ourselves silly at a chili fest. In the rain. But, hey, there weren't any lines for the chili!

 Trader Joe's always has the best selection of pears this time of year. And in all the colors.

Saturday morning breakfast dates with my boys.

And stealing lots of snuggles and kisses from this little guy (who looks adorable in his dada's hat!).

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