Thursday, October 16, 2014

Weekend in Maine

Maine! Vacationland!

For years now, a group of us have been talking about having an annual "family reunion." The idea being that as we all get older, move away from one another, and our families grow, to have a dedicated weekend each year when we all get together. This year we finally planned the inaugural family reunion weekend, and we rented a house last month in Old Orchard Beach, Maine.

Taras and I were up with the sun each morning, courtesy of Caleb, which wasn't so bad because we got to watch the field and trees behind the house light up with the sunrise. In mid-September, the trees had just started to turn to shades of yellow, red, and orange, and the light had such a warm glow. Caleb was the sweetest in the early mornings - he would coo and smile at us while we waited for the rest of the house to wake up.

Our first afternoon in town brought warm-ish (and breezy) early-fall temperatures and clear, blue skies. We walked across the street to the beach, which was abandoned now that the summer busy season had come to an end. We didn't last long at the beach, with Caleb still getting used to his baby carrier (so, basically, tears) and the strong breeze that made me paranoid about sand blowing into Caleb's face. But there's nothing like walking along an abandoned beach in the bright sunshine!

One afternoon we walked to the town's center. During the summer, the town is bustling with visitors who eat at the pier, play arcade games, and line up for amusement park rides. But in mid-September, the town is mostly shut down - only a few restaurants stay open and all the beachfront hotels have vacancy. We ventured out to play at the arcade and eat fried clams, but after the 1.5 mile walk, Caleb freaked out from being in the gusty winds, so Taras and I turned right around and went back to the house.

We spent a lot of downtime at the house. Caleb played with his cousin Kennedy (as much as a two month old can play), we enjoyed family meals cooked on the grill, and wound down each evening by watching movies and YouTube clips.

On our way out of town, Taras and I made up for our failed adventure the prior afternoon and stopped for lunch at Hoss and Mary's for a giant hot dog and a fried haddock Reuben sandwich (with a side of a mother futcher milkshake). It was the perfect end to a low-key "family" weekend!

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