Thursday, November 6, 2014

Caleb | Three Months

Dear Caleb,

Here we are at three months, and it's already unbelievable how much you've grown and changed in such little time. Every day you look less like a tiny baby and more like a little boy. It's truly spectacular to watch you grow - we think you are about 13lbs right now. We still call you Muffin and The Senator, so much so that I'm beginning to worry that you won't ever know your real name.

There was one morning this month when your dada and I had you in bed with us, just after you had woken up for the day. It's our favorite thing to do lately: bring you into bed with us for morning cuddles. Anyway, your dada was holding you on his lap, when your eyes locked with mine. Your eyes seemed wider than they had ever seemed before. That morning, you just stared at me. Your dada kept talking to you and trying to get your attention, but you wouldn't lose sight of me. That moment made my heart swell. You are such a mama's boy right now and you have eyes only for me. You give me a big, gummy smile (and sometimes a squeal) when I kiss your cheeks. And when I kiss your nose you bat your eyes. It is straight up dreamy.

This month, little man, you and I made some amazing progress with what had been our biggest struggle: breast feeding. It was really important to me to give an honest effort to making it work, to make sure you got the best nutrition possible and so that we could have this special time of bonding. We got your tongue and lip ties fixed last month, and after a couple weeks of healing (and after one week of getting through your first cold) it's been all uphill and we've never looked back. My favorite time to feed you has always been and continues to be in the middle of the night. You're so sleepy that your eyes barley open and you let out the sweetest coos. It's the sweetest moment of my entire day.

I think you and I have really hit our stride this month. On top of us now nursing normally, you've stretched out your feeding schedule, which gives us more time to enjoy each other. Now that there's less stress with eating, both of our temperaments have evened out, and there's a lot fewer tears and much less frustration sprinkled throughout our days. You seem to crave a schedule and I've mostly figured out your pattern, which has gone a long way with helping our days be more joyful.

You're still sleeping really well at night for us. Please stay that way! You did give us a taste of what the witching hour is like, but that phase was short lived (this time around, anyway). During the daytime, I don't always snuggle you during naps like I used to. Instead I put you down while I take care of stuff around the house, and I'm finding it nice to have more balance in my day. Sometimes when you're napping, I miss you even though you're just in the next room sleeping. So for one nap each day. I still keep you resting happily on my shoulder.

One thing your dada and I are trying to figure out is how to make you part of our active family, but still let you get all the rest and downtime you need as a baby. Most weekends we push you to your limits, and you always seem to handle the less sleep and extra stimulation in stride. But come Monday, you're frustrated and under-slept and I feel like the worst mama. We'll figure out the right balance in time. But know that we make mistakes and we're still trying to figure out all this baby stuff. I think all three of us are learning together.

We took you to our beloved Cambridge for the first time. As we drove through the streets, we told you stories about our memories from this place and that place. We were embarrassingly giddy to bring you to our old hometown. When we first took you out of the car, we could tell you loved the real-life white noise and all the activity. After the initial interest of what was happening, though, you fell asleep in your stroller for the rest of our short visit. But, goodness, we're just excited to show you all around Boston and Cambridge as you get older. That city is where your dada and I lived as newlyweds and it has a big place in our hearts.

This month you've been talking, smiling, squealing, and squirming a lot more. You still stay super serious-faced around others, but mama and dada get plenty of coos and smiles out of you - most notably when we have you on the changing table. Oh, and all the wiggles! You just love to wiggle all around the changing table. And you really love when we blow air in your face - you give us a confused smirk followed by a squeal. You've gotten to the point where you're very interested in what's going on around you, preferring to face forward to look at the room (you seem to focus very intently on what's happening). You can more easily be distracted these days - with toys, our voices, etc. - which has given us some new tools to help you reset when you start to get fussy. You've been such a dream of a baby this month - so fun, interactive, sweet, and easy to soothe.

You have fun talking to your baby gym and the little bears that are attached to your swing. You're starting to discover toys, in the sense that you can reach for them, hold them, and (the best part!) chew on them. You're able to reach for and hold light toys, like Sophie the Giraffe, but you're usually not super interested in it or don't concentrate long enough to get the toy in your hand. What you prefer most of all is mine and your dada's hands and faces. You reach out for them and study them with your own fingers, then grab onto whatever you can get, and always pull our hands right to your mouth. Slobber for days.

We know you've been a strong baby from the very beginning, but early in this month you started to feel so solid. You have such a great weight to you now, and you've started to cling on to our shoulders with your hands, making it feel like a hug every time we carry you around on our shoulders. I like to give you a big squeeze each time I carry you on my shoulder, to reciprocate the hug you're (unintentionally) giving to me. You've started to sit and stand with our help, and you have wonderful control of your head. If we have you propped on our knees or laying flat on your back, you tense your shoulders when we grab a hold of your hands, basically begging for us to pull you up to the sitting position. It's your favorite game right now. Then you push forcefully with your little legs to the standing position. This move scares your mama so much because you push off so strongly and without notice, I'm scared you'll shoot right out of my lap! But your face when you're sitting or standing... your eyes open super wide and your mouth gives us a giant grin - you seem so happy and proud. Oh, my. It melts me.

You still don't like being in the car. Oh, the tears! You tolerate the bath sometimes. I mostly let dada bathe you because it stresses me out to deal with a crying, slippery baby. You're wearing 3 month clothes and we're trying to figure out the perfect formula for how many layers to put on you as the weather starts to get chillier. But you never seem to mind the temperature changes - too hot or too cold, you never seem to notice. You get super confused when we hold up our phones to take your photo, almost always resulting in a serious-faced baby on our screen. Neither your dada or I know many nursery rhymes, so we mostly sing made up songs to you. Most often, my songs have something to do with Egg McMuffins and Muffin Men. You seem to be a-okay with our silly songs and lack of talent.

This month you met your Uncle Scott for the first time. He came up from NYC to spend a few days with you and you mostly just stared at him (you would win any staring contest, by the way). We told you all about how he'll cook you delicious food when you're old enough to eat. One of your favorite things to do is to stare at your dada and I when we eat food - you focus on our mouths and on our hands using the silverware. We manage to eat dinner together most nights with you sitting in the swing beside us, just watching us eat our dinner. We're both hopeful that this means you'll be a good eater when the time comes!

You had your first cold this month and you were such a trooper! As pitiful as it was to see you with a stuffy nose and a cough that wouldn't stop, you were extra cuddly and squishy. I just held you all day long and got my fill of the sweetest cuddles. And the only thing cuter than you sneezing, is the look on your face when you almost sneeze but then don't. Ah, it's the cutest.

We've never known a love like the love we have for you, and we feel thankful every day that you are ours.

All my love,

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  1. Oh my goodness, so precious and sweet!!! I had forgotten how precious this time is, when they're still tiny and snuggly but start to realize who you are and how much they enjoy your presence!
    I am so excited to experience it all over again soon!


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