Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014

We kept Halloween super low key this year, since Caleb is still so tiny. But we did get into the spirit of things just a little bit...

Down the road from our house, a business set up a display of an old truck with pumpkins. We picked what must have been the windiest day possible to stop and take pictures. Caleb was stoked about the whole affair.

The day before Halloween we joined up with Taras's brother and his family to watch our niece make her first attempt at trick-or-treating. She's 15 months old, so the concept is still a little lost on her. But running around in a cape really seemed to make her day. At the last minute I decided to dress up Caleb - he went as an old man running for Senate (a play on his nickname, The Senator). But he decided sleeping was more fun than trick-or-treating. Fair enough, baby boy.

The weather was warm (well, warm for New England at the end of October) and all the trees were really showing off their fall colors. It was such a lovely evening to be outside.

And then on Halloween Day, this happened. Getting this baby to smile for the camera is no small feat. I think putting a jolly pumpkin on his chest is what really made the magic happen!

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