Monday, December 1, 2014

Caleb's First Thanksgiving! And First Snow!

This year, the cherry (er, cranberry sauce?) on top of the turkey dinner was the freshly fallen snow. The first real snow of the year! Two snows from now, the excitement will be over. But the first snow is always pure magic. Watching the soft powder slowly cover the back yard... then waking up to a winter wonderland... it's lovely.

The snow started coming down late Wednesday afternoon. Caleb and I watched it fall from inside the warm and cozy house, perched by the backdoor. Then Caleb fell asleep for a long winter's nap, and awoke when it was already dark (which, nowadays, happens in these parts during the 4 o'clock hour). We decided to save Caleb's first snow experience for the daylight hours, but Taras brought in a giant snowball when he came home from work. Caleb studied it for a while and touched it a few times before the episode ended in tears. :)

The next morning we brought Caleb out to see all the snow - it seemed so bright for his sensitive, little eyes! He did a lot of looking around, and was patient while Taras and I posed him for a gazillion photos. Then, right before dashing inside to warm up, we laid him in the snow for his first snow angel. He doesn't quite get the concept yet (ha!) but he seemed to enjoy laying down in the snow.

Then we were off to our Thanksgiving feast. Our sister-in-law's parents host every year and it's always such a fun time with family.

I might have eaten two plates of that size. Maybe.

Caleb is so interested in food! We haven't started him on solids yet (we're planning to wait closer to six months) but that boy will grab for any plate, fork, and food within his reach. We're hoping for a good eater!

Cousin cuddles. It's so fun watching these two get used to each other!

And, finally, some post-Thanksgiving newspaper reading. These two boys... my heart.

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