Friday, December 5, 2014

City Walking

Last Saturday, sort of at the last minute, we decided to drive into Boston for the afternoon. I'd say the trip was to show Caleb the big Christmas tree, but it was more likely to satisfy our hankering for Ramen. And here-goes lots of photos of us pushing a stroller. :)

We started out walking around downtown and chose to show Caleb the tree at Faneuil Hall - while it's not the city's official tree that makes its home in the Boston Common, it is the bigger of the two trees (and the tree that I'd look down on from my old office building - it was always fun to see them set up the tree and decorate it!).

We strolled past the usual downtown suspects - all around Faneuil Hall, past my old office building ("Caleb, mama used to work way up there on the 38th floor!") and the Old State House, then over to Downtown Crossing to check out the post-Black Friday sales at H&M.

By this time, Caleb fell asleep so we continued walking over to Boston Common. While Caleb snoozed, we enjoyed the beautiful late-November weather and the lack of snow on the ground (we left a very snow-covered New Hampshire earlier that morning). Over at the Frog Pond, we watched the little kiddos skate around the ice rink and took an obligatory photo with C-man and one of the giant frogs, taking a mental note of how fun these adventures will be when he's older (but we're definitely not wishing for time to speed up!).

Once Caleb woke up, we loaded back into the car and headed off for the main event: RAMEN! Wintertime just begs for delicious noodle soup, right? There's a new outpost of Sapporo Ramen in the food court of the new Central Square H-Mart, and while the ramen wasn't quite as magical as the bowl we last had at Sapporo's Porter Square location, it definitely filled our ramen needs (with a much shorter line).

Until next time, Boston!

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